About the Solutions

What is a Youth SDG Solution?

  • A solution is any undertaking which can change a life, contributing to one or a set of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • It can be an undertaking by an individual or a group of young people.
  • There must be proof of positive change in people’s lives as a result of the solution. As such, the solution must have advanced from the idea stage to the implementation stage.
  • The solution must be unique, innovative and contribute to the attainment of one or more SDGs, without having any negative effect(s) in the attainment of any other SDGs.
  • The solutions could be in various forms as services, tangible products or technological innovations such as mobile Apps and online systems.
  • Reach out to the most marginalized people, while surveying their understanding of the SDGs to increase the overall awareness.
  • Only youth-led initiatives shall be considered. Uganda’s Constitution defines a youth as a person not exceeding 35 years of age.

Solutions from All Regions

To ensure that no one is left behind, a series of sub-regional consultations, dialogues, exhibitions and media campaigns will be held in 13 sub-regions – Karamoja, West Nile, Northern Uganda, Teso, Elgon, Central Uganda 1 and 2, Rwenzori, Bunyoro, Ankole and Kigezi.

The solutions will be sourced mainly through radio spot messages in local languages inviting youth to present solutions which will be showcased online.

If restrictions on movement and gatherings are eased, exhibitions will be held in the sub-regions. The best solutions from each sub-region will be entered at a national exhibition scheduled for 24 October, which will mark the 75th UN Anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations.


  • Participants will be offered with a platform to showcase their innovations in Uganda and globally through online platforms of Government, UN agencies in Uganda and partners.
  • The top 50 innovators will receive mentorship from UN agencies in Uganda and partners.


Ahead of the launch of the One Million Youth SDG Solutions initiative, many youth from across the country have registered their solutions. This is exciting and we hope to see many more. Please continue to enter your solutions here (link to and let's raise one million solutions to transform Uganda. 

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